renewable energy


Renewable Energy is the futured energy generation concept for all our daily needs of equipment and machines power usage. World looking new most featured technology which uses our natural resources.

Current world working with WIND, BIO, HYDRO, SOLAR , ETC. Many of the technologies getting improved by latest modern sciences. And also we are in the position to safe our world and generation for future lives. Due to pollution of our air and Atmosphere. This cause temperature increase in world and sea level also getting increased.

LEAFSOL working with Technology leaders and manufactures for their renewable energy products development, project managements and commission.


solar energy is the trend setting and fuel supplier for all our day to day power usage heat generation for Industries Commercial and domestic usages.
leafsol leading solar integrator, EPC and power project development company for c & I, Govt and state nodel (agencies) energy, commercial and Industrial along with Domestic customers.


Another easy way of Bulk power production in Renewable energy source is through wind.It can Big power besides and Industries generate power through wind mills the power through diffrent kind of models like Boot, CAPS, etc..
leafsol teamworking with wind mills company for developing projects land identification, supply chain, I&c and o&m for major wind mill company owners.


Another Interesting Renewable energy for Domestic and Green lovers for their Burning application.
Leafsol working with environment safety and Governments. Using cow dung and vegetable waste we train peoples to make use of gas.Leafsol supply products and help Installing the system.


Another seasonal power generally systems for bigger size water based energy generations. All rivers and dams can generate the power through water running gateways.
Leafsol supporting Hydro power plants Supply chain systems, Amc, o&m and Integration of Hydro based systems.