Our company is a collective to build Of Amazing People Striving delightful products.

This company started in 2009 the name of Future green technologies in Bangalore, as product development and design services support to corporate. We are design provider for solar lantern, LED drivers charge controllers and components procurement suppliers to so many clients in Bangalore and Chennai With limited support to clients. Now we are developing our products like LED Luminaries, and solar integrator with Rooftop solar installation, Solar Agriculture pump Installations, solar water heater, Designing of Solar systems and commissioning. Contact and supplying Technical manpower to EPC companies for their solar MW projects. And we do lighting design projects for the Helps companies, individuals, government organizations, NGO’s, Corporate, the military, space, and many others address their greatest challenges when it comes to power requirements. With our partner network we provide the most innovative supply chain management in the industry so we may extend the lowest costs with the highest quality to our customers.